How to Save Current Settings for Re-use

When we are designing a beautiful flip book, for convenience, we might want to save our favourite settings so as to use it again. For this purpose, Flip Creator software allows users to preserve their current settings for re-use. And this tutorial is going to teach how to realize it.


Operation Steps :

Step 1 : Launch Flip Creator software and import any document for conversion.

Step 2 : Design your own Flash page flip e-publication with Design Settings box. (Don't forget to choose "Apply Change" button after you finish designing)

Step 3 : Under the Design Settings tab, select "Save the Template Setting" button and appoint a certain path to store setting document which is save as *.txt format.

save current settings for flip book


If you want to use your saved settings again, you can choose "Import flash template setting" and navigate to find the saved setting(*.txt). Then choose open to confirm importing.

Import current settings for flip creator



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