How to Insert YouTube Video into Flip Book Page with Flip Creator Pro for PDF?

Flip Creator Pro for PDF is professional version of PDF to flip book converter compared with Flip Creator for PDF, it provide more powerful functionalities allowing user to edit page content of flip book via Flip Page Editor. With Flip Page Editor, user can easily add link, image and video to flip book page to enrich book content. This tutorial will show you how to add YouTube video into page with Flip Creator Pro for PDF.


Operation Steps :

Step 1 : Run Flip Creator Pro for PDF and import PDF for conversion.

Step 2 : Initiate Flip Page Editor by choosing "Edit Pages" button. Then click "Add YouTube Video" button to draw a box for inserting video.

Step 3 : Input the video ID of the YouTube video you want to insert to the Video ID textbox, also you can configure related component parameters. Then click Refresh button to confirm inserting.

Step 4 : Save your settings and you can exit Flip Page Editor.

add YouTube video with Flip Creator Pro for PDF



How to get YouTube video ID :

Open the video you want to insert in YouTube, then click Share button under the video. And the video ID will show up in the pop-up box.

get YouTube Video ID


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