How to import bookmark in original Office file to flip book

A bookmark identifies a location or a selection of text that you name and identify for future reference. For example, you might use a bookmark to identify text that you want to revise at a later time. Instead of scrolling through the document to locate the text, you can go to it by using the Bookmark dialog box. Therefore for convenience, we usually add bookmarks to our MS Office documents. But if your office file is converted to Flash flip book, can the bookmark be inherited to generated flip book? The answer is Yes, Flip Creator for Office and Flip Creator Pro for Office can not only turn Office file into flipbook, also retain the bookmarks in original file.

Next is the tutorial that show you how to import Office bookmark to flip book, let’s go ahead now.


Step 1 : Run Flip Creator for Office or Flip Creator Pro for Office

Step 2 : In main screen choose Import Office to open Import dialog

Step 3 : Select targeted Office file and check Import bookmark, then click Import Now to confirm.

import bookmark from office to flip book



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