How to hide the tool bar of flip book in full screen mode

The tool bar showed in the interface of created flip book is pre-set for the purpose to help realize different kinds of functionalities, such as zoom in, zoom out, download, enable full screen, etc. However for some special purpose, you might need to hide the toolbar in full screen mode to keep the interface concise. And this tutorial is aiming to tell you how to make toolbar of virtual page flip publication disappeared in when full screen.


Step 1 : Launch your Flip Creator software and import document need to be converted.

Step 2 : Within the Book Design box, search for option of "Full Screen Without Tool Bar", then check "Yes" on this option.

toolbar hidden when full screen


Step 3 : Choose "Apply Change" button to confirm and apply your previous configurations. (Before you choose "Apply Change", the configuration you have define won't be applied to your virtual page turning publication.)





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