How to Enable Others to Download Flip Book from Website

Flip Creator software allows user to output flip book in offline or online type, and user can easily load the online type of flip book to their website so as to enrich website content and share with publics. Also the uploaded flip book can be downloaded from website if the download function is activated.

Want to activate download function now? Just go ahead and follow the next steps.


Operation steps :

Step 1 : Launch Flip Creator software (e.g. Flip Creator Pro for PDF) and import PDF for conversion.

Step 2 : Search Design Setting box for Download Setting. Then choose “Yes” from option Download Enable, and input Download URL.

download setting for flip book


Step 3 : Choose “Apply Change” button to apply above change.


NOTE: Ensure Download URL is the samedomain as the flipbook uploaded URL. In batch convertion, you can use {PDF FileName} to represent the pdf file name in the download URL. For example:{PDF FileName}



After above steps, you can start converting to flip book and upload to website. Flip book reader can easily download the book by click the Download button in book toolbar.

download flip book




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