How to customize meta content for online flip book

Flip Creator Pro for PDF is an advanced Flash magazine maker for everyone to with ease build both online and offline page flip publication. And as for online version(*.html), software supports produce search engine friendly flip book, allowing users to custom webpage title, description and keywords, even Google Analytics script so that the book can be grabbed well. To customize the meta content of flip book is not difficult and you just need to follow the below steps.


Step 1 : Install and run Flip Creator Pro for PDF.

Step 2 : Import PDF file and design flip book with various custom options.

Step 3 : Choose “Convert to Flipping Book” to go to output option window.

Step 4 : Define output option them click “Advanced” to enter Advanced Settings and type in meta content.

Step 5 : Save previous settings and confirm conversion.

customize meta of online flip book



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