How to burn flip book to CD with Flip Creator for PDF

In order to meet different needs, Flip Creator for PDF provides multiple output types for users to generate their flip books in the types they want. The output types supported include html, exe, zip, type for mobile device, even burning to CD. And for CD version, it is convenient to take around and easy to share, so lots of people would like to preserve flip book with CD.


This tutorial aims to show how to burn flip book to CD with Flip Creator for PDF and the operation is not difficult. (To burn to CD, an empty CD is needed)


Step 1 : Run Flip Creator for PDF and import PDF for conversion.

Step 2 : Firstly design flip book with various design settings then click “Convert to Flipping Book” button to activate Output Option window.

Step 3 : Select right CD driver from check box and enter Disc title.

Step 4 : Click “Convert” to initiate converting and Flip Creator for PDF will auto burn flip book to CD for you.

burn to CD - Flip Creator for PDF



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