How to apply search function to auto locate the content you want

The search function in flip book created by Flip Creator software is for the purpose that helping flip book readers to auto locate the targeted content in book, which greatly save time. Reader can simple type in the words they look for then the search result will come out immediately. It is very easy to apply search function, and the steps below will intuitively show you how to do.


First of all, you should make sure your flip book has enabled the search function. If not, you can refer to the previous tutorial “How to enable search function” to enable the search function. Or let’s go to the next step.


Step 1: Open your flip book. (only the book contain text content supports search function)

Step 2 : Click “Search” button to open the search window.

Step 3 : In the opened window, type in the words you want to find and confirm searching. Then the result will be listed in the window and the targeted words will be marked with color within the book.

apply search to flip book



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