How to add logo of shopping cart to Flash flip shopping catalog

Flip Creator for Shopping is professional Flash page flip shopping catalogue maker for user to convert any shopping catalog in PDF to flash flipping book in simple steps. Also it includes much editing features in for users to design attractive shopping catalog. For example, Flip Creator for Shopping allows user to add shopping cart logo with link to the product page. As we know, the shopping cart is important component in a shopping catalog, it help to guild consumers to the products website or order page via links.

Now let us go ahead to learn how to insert shopping cart with Flip Creator for Shopping.


Step 1 : Launch Flip Creator for Shopping and import your PDF shopping catalog.

Step 2 : Choose Editing Shopping Cart button to initiate page editor.

Step 3 : Select Add Button from Resources option from toolbar, then choose a cart logo from Button Resources in the right.

shopping cart for flip book


Step 4 : Draw a proper box by mouse in the page for add logo.

Step 5 : Choose added cart and click button of “Advance Action Option”to add a link to the logo.

shopping cart with link


Step 6 : Save your settings, then you can exit page editor.




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