How to insert link onto page of flip book with Flip Creator Pro for PDF?

Flip Creator software is divided into standard version and professional version. For the second one, there are richer functionalities included to edit flip book pages, for example, add image, video to page, even insert link onto page.

This tutorial is aiming to teach you how to append link to the page of your flip book with Flip Creator Pro for PDF.


Step 1 : Launch Flip Creator Pro for PDF and import PDF.

Step 2 : Click the "Edit Pages" button in tool bar to open window of Flip Page Editor where you can apply more advanced functions. Then choose "Add Link" option to draw a box on target page with mouse for inserting link.

add link for Flip Creator


Step 3 : In Link Properties box, choose "Action Option" button, and input related URL into pop-upped settings box.


Step 4 : Save previous settings and exit.


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