How to add button that link to the book cover

As we know, Flip Creator Pro for PDF is a professional PDF to flipbook maker, allowing users to edit their Flash flip book with rich content like image, audio, video,text and button, etc. And this tutorial is aimed at showing you how to add button that can link to the book cover onto the flip book page. Next is the simple steps needed to add button.


Step 1 : Start Flip Creator Pro for PDF and import target PDF file.

Step 2 : Click “Edit Pages” button to initiate Flip Page Editor.

Step 3 : Choose “Add Button” icon and draw a box on the page for inserting button. Next click “Select an Icon” to select the button icon that you want to add.

Add button to flip book


Step 4 : Choose added button and click “Action Options” on the right. Then select “Go to page” for action type and type in 1 in the below text box.

click flip book button to cover


Step 5 : Save previous settings and return to primary screen to preview the effects.




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