PDF to Flash Flip Book for HTML5

Effective application to make flash flipbook!


  • Convert PDF to flipping book with page flip effect;
  • View book compatible with HTML5 easily on iPad;
  • Complete conversion of PDF to flash flipbook;
  • Design unique and appealing book for people enjoy;
  • Put created books in BookCase like visual library;
  • Various templates, themes, scenes provided in software.
  • $99.00
    Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP

    PDF is one of our favorite file formats, to show our product info or advertisement. All the resource in PDF magazine can be read clearly, no matter the link, images or words. However, it is not convenience enough for people to read online. Because they must spend time to download the file and install PDF readers to view the content. Perhaps it will lead to loss of potential readers. To make your PDF more convenience and attractive, you can use the conversion tool to bring a turning page effect into PDF.


    One of the best and simplest conversion tool is PDF to Flash flip book for HTML5. It is effective for you to convert PDF into flash flipbook with page turning effect. All the conversion progress just takes three steps and no flash skill required. You can simple to import the entire PDF file to software, choose template to design your book and convert to online or offline format. Then, you will obtain the created book that you can publish to website. People can view the book online by flipping the book page directly, without download any file. And the most important is that, if you choose the HTML and mobile version to converting, those iPad users can also easy to read the book online.


    Utilize Easy-to-use PDF to Flip book conversion tool to make interactive and convenience reading flash flipbook.




    "Flip Creator for PDF is a brilliant piece of software I am so pleased I got it. It is really cool that can used to convert static PDF files to dynamic Flash book in a simple click. So many beautiful pre-designed templates in this software...Just wanted to tell you how great your product is"

    - John

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