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Edit on MS Word and Text files to create Flash book!

Flip Editor is the Flash book builder which enables you to edit on RTF files directly to create stunning e-publishing. With this easy-to-handle software, you can edit content on pages with the build-in editor, besides, you can change text font, insert hyperlink, add graphic, number, fields, symbol, etc. Just edit your own e-publishing with the wonderful Flip Editor software.

Free Download to install and make a try!

Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP

Make e-publishing with Practical Flip Editor!

Create Microsoft Word and digital publishing book meanwhile;

Show company info, Logo on your converted digital flash book;

30 Day full-refund guarantee;


RTF editor and flipbook creator combined

Flip Editor is a powerful conversion tool which can be used to edit RTF files and then convert into e-publishing easily. While editing RTF format files, you can not only edit text content, but also add links, images, page number, fields, symbols. After editing, you can easy publish the pages into flipping book quickly. No programming skill or other device required!

Customize Themes based on diverse Templates

The Flip Editor provides you three types of fashion templates to create different looks of flip books. Classical, Float, and Spread, each template provides unique appearances and feelings, you can choose any one to customize themes for different uses, like business presentation, cartoon story books, travel galleries and so on. Just use the templates to build creative themes for your books.

Output flipbook to use for online and offline

Flip Writer software provides you with multiple output formats to create flip book, including HTML, ZIP, EXE. Output flipbook with HTML format is used for online sharing. Output flipbook with ZIP/EXE formats are used for offline sharing. Moreover, if you want to take it anyway, you can burn flip book to CD/DVD or copy it with USB device.

Thumbnail navigation mode

Using Thumbnail to preview a bunch of pages at once, choose the interested page to visit directly. The thumbnail use will make your created flip book looks more considerate and thoughtful. If you don't want to show the thumbnail panel or want to show book in larger area, you can disable the Thumbnail feature.

Enable Print and Download in your e-publishing

In toolbar setting panel of Flip Editor software, you are allowed to enable print and download function easily. After enabling and setting these functions, your book readers can print or download your flipbook to read locally, more convenient to share with friends and family.

Best e-Publishing creator, value for money

Low cost but high benefit Flip Writer, helps you quickly to output flash flipping book from Word files with high output quality . Barely steps to conversion: create Microsoft Word and publishing. Whether you are a new user or not, you can ease to use the software without anybody help. No other device or Flash design skill required!

Full-refund within 30 Day

If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied, we offer full refund within the first 30 days of initial purchase. You can also send your valuable refund reason or suggestion to us via email: support@flip-creator.com. We'll respond you and provide you the full-refund of your purchase price.

"Flip Creator for PDF is a brilliant piece of software I am so pleased I got it. It is really cool that can used to convert static PDF files to dynamic Flash book in a simple click. So many beautiful pre-designed templates in this software...Just wanted to tell you how great your product is"

- John

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