Flip Creator Pro for PDF

Insert built-in rich-media on flash flipping book easily!

Flip Creator Pro for PDF is a professional conversion tool that creates flip book from PDF files for online sharing. Multiple media objects can be embedded into flipbook for enhancing its functionalities. Moreover, nearly 80+features provided for you to decorate flash flipping book appearance, bring your PDF files into the next generation!

Free Download to install and make a try!


Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP

Flip Creator Pro for PDF V1.1.0

  • Support view on iPhone/Android;
  • Add Google Analytics Integration;
  • Define button language manually;
  • Add About feature.

Flip Creator Pro for PDF V1.2.0

  • Add image into pages in edit interface;
  • Add social share feature;
  • Add Mac Application output format;
  • Fix bugs.

Flip Creator Pro for PDF V1.3.0

  • Replace existing icons on toolbar by editing Icon Flash file;
  • Add new icons into toolbar with calling new actions (Float only);
  • Add Button to open eBook or Web page, call Javascript action, play Flash or Video into pages;
  • Copy projects to related page or all pages.

Flip Creator Pro for PDF V1.4.0

  • Detect landscape page to present as two-page spread;
  • Add link to pages to pop-up image directly;
  • Add image actions, like go to webpage, open pop-up images;
  • Support silde single pages on mobiles;
  • Support to clip area on pages and then print:
  • Add Single/Double Page view;
  • Improve flip functionality.

Flip Creator Pro for PDF V1.4.3

  • Support multi-language show and swithable;
  • Adjust size of buttons automatically;
  • Fix bugs.

Flip Creator Pro for PDF V1.5.0

  • Enable to make the book background as transparent completely;
  • Hide Toolbar in Classical template;
  • Fix mouse wheel bug.

Flip Creator Pro for PDF V1.6.0

  • Fix and improve multi language search feature;
  • Open the project from output folder;
  • Add new Neat template;
  • Export edited bookmarks to import and use later;
  • Export projects added in Page Editeor, like links, swf, movies to import and use later.