Flip Creator for XPS

Convert XPS to Page Flip Flash book with vivid effect!

Flip Creator for XPS is a window desktop application for you to flip XPS(open XML paper specification) to page flip flash book in minutes. The software will greatly preserve the layout, links (Web links, Page links, Email links), bookmark of your XPS files, and also offers multiple output formats for you to choose, HTML, ZIP, EXE, Burn to CD. Just make XPS different and popular now!

Free Download to install and make a try!

Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP

Make Page Flip Flash book with Flip Creator for XPS!

Flip XPS format file to page flipping flash book without other device required;

Using pre-designed templates to beautify your page flip book;

Multiple output formats: HTML/ZIP/EXE/App, Mobile version and Burn to CD;


Easy convert XPS to page flip Flash book

Flip Creator for XPS is the easiest way to flip your XPS documents to popular digital eBook. Without requiring any plug-in or third party software, Flip Creator for XPS will complete conversion with seconds, import your XPS, customize template, output to preferred format as you want. Bring different reading experience to your readers now!

Customize flip book with showing company info

Flip Creator for XPS provides 50+ settings for you to customize unique style Flash ebooks. You can also show your company information on your created flash book. You are allowed to add background images with company profile, company images, you can also add Logo watermark on flipbook pages.

Create unique style with different templates

In Flip Creator for XPS, you can use different templates to create different styles flip books. The different templates provide different functions for you to create unique looks for your eBooks. Each template has nearly 50+features which can be used and applied easily. You can show two different backgrounds in Float template, hide toolbar in Classical template and so on. Our website also provides free themes for you to download and use directly.

Support for reading on PC, Mac and Mobile

You can use Flip Creator for XPS to create flip book in different output formats to work on PC/Mac/Mobile. Use HTML/ZIP/EXE formats, you can read flipbook online or offline on PC. If you choose mobile version type while output flip book with HTML and then publish all output files and folders online, readers will be allowed to read on mobile device (iPhone, Android device) and tablets (iPad, Android) directly. To read on Mac, you can output flipbook in HTML or App format.

Google Analytics Integration friendly

You can input your Google Analytics account ID in Flip Creator for XPS before converting, to monitor and analyze the traffic of your online flash flipping book easily. Throught this way, you can find which page is popular with people and raised flipbook to a higher level.

Turn flipbook pages automatically

You can enable Auto Flip feature to play your flip book pages automatically to your book viewers. The flip interval and play count can be defined and readers also can stop the auto playing mode to flip the book pages manually. The auto play mode will be helpful when you show product galleries in flip book mode, people will view the image pages without interaction.

Full-refund within 30 Day

If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied, we offer full refund within the first 30 days of initial purchase. You can also send your valuable refund reason or suggestion to us via email: support@flip-creator.com. We'll respond you and provide you the full-refund of your purchase price.

"Flip Creator for PDF is a brilliant piece of software I am so pleased I got it. It is really cool that can used to convert static PDF files to dynamic Flash book in a simple click. So many beautiful pre-designed templates in this software...Just wanted to tell you how great your product is"

- John

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