Flip Creator for Scan

Scan to page flipping Flash books with ease!

Flip Creator for Scan is software to convert scanned files to Flash page flipbook. You can use the software with your scanner to scan papers directly to flipbooks, and you can also convert images or other scanned files to the popular Flash books. The Flip Creator for Scan provides multiple templates for you to beautify flipbook, and different output formats HTML/App/EXE for you to make flipbook for online or offline use.

Free Download to install and make a try!

Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP

Make flipping book with Flip Creator for Scan!

Scan paper and create flipbook in Scan to Flash creator;

Edit different tips on different button easily;

Input single password for all pages to protect flipbook safety;


Unique Scan to Flash Creator

Flip Creator for Scan helps you to scan paper and make a flipbook with ease. You can make your scanner work in the application, and then import scanned files directly to convert. You can also convert images or other scanned files to the popular Flash books with this wonderful software. An easy-to-use but different tool to build unique page flipping Flash works for your documents or books.

Output flipbook to use for online and offline

Flip Creator for Scan provides you with multiple output formats to create flash flip book, including HTML, ZIP, and EXE. Output flipbook with HTML format is used for online sharing. Output flipbook with ZIP/EXE formats are used for offline sharing. Moreover, if you want to take it anyway, you can burn flip book to CD/DVD or copy it with USB device.

Flash flipbook background design setting

You can easy change flipbook background to make your flash flipbook more fashion and attractive in Flip Creator for Scan. Set color or image as background to decorate your book, even you can insert ads background to promote some product. And you can also use some pleasant music to play background while flipping pages of the book. Making your books more different and attactive is a such easy thing with Flip Creator for Scan.

Edit language of button tips for your flipbook

If your book readers are not English-speakers, you can define button language to any language as you want. Besides, this powerful converter also allows you to edit different label based on your button. Once that is done, you are able to save the current language setting and load to use next time.

Add security password to protect flipbook

If you want to make your flash flipbook more safety and avoid unauthorized accessility, Scan to Flash Creator provides function to set password on your whole or part of flip book. After enabling the security, readers need to know and input your defined passwords to open the book or read the rest pages.

Browse e-Books from "Right-to-Left"

Flip Creator for Scan supports to read e-Books from right-to-left. In this context, "Right-to-Left "feature means read e-Books from the last page to first page easily. This special effect is especially adapted for Arabic and Hebrew country. Besides, you are allowed to hide book frame by choosing "Yes" button.

Download Free Trial version to use

If you are not sure whether the software is what you want, you can download our free trial to install and make a try. The trial version has all features of the charge version. The only difference is: once converting, flash flipping book will be output with watermark. When you purchase the charge version, you will obtain a register key to log in. Charge once, lifelong use!

"Flip Creator for PDF is a brilliant piece of software I am so pleased I got it. It is really cool that can used to convert static PDF files to dynamic Flash book in a simple click. So many beautiful pre-designed templates in this software...Just wanted to tell you how great your product is"

- John

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