Digital FlipBook Software for html5

Flipping Book Software support for HTML5


Still show your presentation with PDF or PowerPoint? Now we will provide a new technology that can bring a new life to your PDF. As we all know, PDF is high-quality format. However, it can not give readers a real reading experience, since for us unable to flip the page. Well, Our Digital FlipBook Software for HTML5 designs for converting static PDF to digital book with real flipping effect. Easily give the best and wonderful feeling for people who reading your book.

Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP

1. Realist flipping page Experience

The function of Digital FlipBook Software for HTML5, is help to convert PDF into flipping ebook. After converting, you can get the flipping book that enable people to flip the book page, easily give us a real reading experience when reading. Besides, compare to the traditional book, ebook have the additional benefit that is allow you to record more text or images in the limit page. When you read the rich page, you can use the zoom in/out tool in software to read the details.


2. Static Themes and dynamic scenes design

Apply Flipping Book Software for HTML5, you will have various templates, themes and scenes to design your flipbook. If you intent to make a business presentation, you can choose static themes to make it more professional. If you prefer to create a festival card or flipping photo album, you can choose dynamic scenes to make it more living and funny.




3. Introduce magazine with solid Assitant

To make your page flipbook more attractive, you can use the assistant feature to introduce magazine. All it takes you just few steps: select beautiful woman or man as the assistant, record text that assistant need to say. After setting, you can turn on/off the sound to control the assistant.


4. Support for reading on PC/Mac/Mobile

Digital FlipBook Software for HTML5 offers various functional output formats to converting. Different formats have different usage. If want book read on PC, you should use HTML, ZIP or EXE format. If your readers are mostly mobile users, you had better output it with HTML and check the Mobile version option. Except that, App format is excellent application for running on Mac.



"Flip Creator for PDF is a brilliant piece of software I am so pleased I got it. It is really cool that can used to convert static PDF files to dynamic Flash book in a simple click. So many beautiful pre-designed templates in this software...Just wanted to tell you how great your product is"

- John

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