What is Flip Creator software

As the development of digital technology, the way to store data and display digital documents is evolving all the time. Today in the electronic market, document formats like txt, Microsoft Office, PDF and so on still play the main roles. However recent years, a more entertaining and interactive document form is developing quickly, which is digital page flip book technology.


Flip Creator company is a professional flip book software provider, has focused on producing page flipping book for years. The software Flip Creator offers provides a industry-leading solution to convert documents in multiple formats like MS Office, doc, PowerPoint, PDF, ePub to page flip book in 3D Flash flipping effect and sound.


Unlike traditional exhibition form of any other e-book application, image you can handle a digital book like reading a printed book, is it fantastic? That is what Flip Creator software do for you to display document with Flash page flipping animation. With Flip Creator software, you can not only produce e-book, e-magazine and e-brochure, but also upload those produced flip books to website for business or education.


Are you interested in Flip Creator software now? Just start with http://www.flip-creator.com to learn more about it, and you can free download to install those programs for trial. Or to see more example of Flip book at http://www.flip-creator.com/flip-creator-for-pdf/demos/index.html .

what is Flip Creator software




Free to download Flip Creator software:

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