Tips for Decorating Flip Book from PDF with Multimedia Material

Posted Sep 3rd, 2012 

Do you attempt to make your flip book more attractive? For this purpose, you might need some material like images, music, video and Flash to ornament your flip book, but have no idea how to do it, because general flipbook maker does not support adding multimedia material. Now I would recommend you a powerful application - Flip Creator Pro for PDF which can offer you best solution.


As we know eye-catching multimedia materials are very effective to attract people to the things they refer to, so it would be helpful for us to create attractive flip book if there are some media materials taken on in book. Therefore Flip Creator Pro for PDF is the ideal program you need. Flip Creator Pro for PDF is professional conversion tool that creates flip book from PDF files for either online or offline use, moreover multiple media objects can be embedded into flipbook for enhancing its functionalities and nearly 80+ features provided for you to decorate flash flipping book appearance. Differ from general PDF to Flash page flipping book converter, Flip Creator Pro for PDF provides an advanced page editor for users to insert multiple useful components into flip book pages so as to make the book unique and perfect.


The objects that Flip Creator Pro for PDF supports to add

Link - Users are allowed to append links to any position of pages, and they can be link to any site you want.

Sound - Sound in *.mp3 format is available to be inserted into book pages, and a player will be showed when sound is inserted.

Image - Three types of images are supported by Flip Creator Pro for PDF, including jpg, png and bmp.

Video - Software allows user to add videos in flv, f4v, mp4 and swf formats, even YouTube online video can be applied too.







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