Take Good Advantage of Online Publication

Posted Sept 11th, 2012 

Along with the development of the online advertising market and the increasing fierce competition in the online advertising business, various enterprises have gradually invested more funding in a variety of advertising in order to get more business opportunities. At the same time, you need to produce various digital catalogs, documents, sheets and magazine, and put them on the social network, so that your customers can get better knowledge of your company and products. Therefore, to take full advantage of your online publications has become a key differentiator to make you stand out from the fierce competition.


If you are using Flip Creator software in digital publishing to produce Flash flipbook, the following recommendations will help improve your online publishing advertising effectiveness and it would be a great help in your business.


Insert clickable page links

Flip Creator software’s rich page editing functions allow the user to insert active links to anywhere on the page, and when people are reading the magazine, they can via the links directly reach your site or related site to learn more product information, which is also a effective promotion for your site.


Add multimedia content

Multimedia content, such as video, music and pictures can help you better showcase your product, the Flip Creator software allows users to add rich multimedia content to the book with ease.


Custom title and logo

The Flip Creator software provides a variety of custom settings, among them the title and logo options are of great help to the advertising of business. You can use the company's name to name your Flash flip book, you can also join the company's logo to book. And this is proved to be a very effective way to advertise.


If you are the user of Flip Creator software which is professional flip book maker, the above methods will bring you great help in business promotion. If you are not, and you hope to impress your customers and attract them to pay attention to your product with the compelling online publications, Flip Creator software will not let you down.







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