Promote Halloween Products with Extraordinary Flash Catalog

Posted Nov 24th, 2012 

flash catalog to promote halloween products


From Halloween there is only a week left now. And this is the vital period to sprint sales of Halloween products. In this post, I am going to introduce a brand-new way to make your products outstanding in the market. It is to create wonderful Flash page flip catalog to show consumers Halloween supplies like lamps, costume and adornment, or any other related products.


1 Extraordinary Displays to Catch Eyeballs

Since the fierce competition in the market, to attract more eyeballs will be of great help for sales. A attractive digital shopping catalog is effective way to display hot products for online marketing. And Flip Creator software especially Flip Creator for Shopping - a professional flip book maker, make it easy for everyone to create fabulous 3D Flash page flipping catalog, which brings readers unprecedented reading experience along with deep impression. In addition, you can also enrich your products catalogue with a variety of multimedia materials like music, image, video, links and so on.


2 Convenient for Spread

Comparing with traditional printed catalog, a digital shopping catalog is more flexible and convenient to spread, it can be distributed Email, blog, social network, etc. Through the Internet the flash catalog can be delivered to innumerous potential clients. Then the readers can view the Halloween products catalog on their computer or mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phone.


3 SEO friendly Flash catalog

The page flipping catalog produced by Flip Creator software is also characterized by its SEO friendly feature. The Flash catalog on your website will be grabbed by spider of search engine easily, you can either upload it as a single webpage or embedded it onto webpage to enrich your web content. Also you can set meta information like title, keywords and description for online Flash catalog.




How to build online Flash catalog with Flip Creator for Shopping

1. A shopping catalog in PDF format required firstly.

2. Import PDF catalog to Flip Creator Shopping and design catalog template.

3. Convert to Flash page flipping products catalog in *.html format.

4. Upload generated digital catalog to website.






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