New Features of Latest Version of Flip Creator Software

Posted Aug 28th, 2012 

As we know, Flip Creator company is professional flip book maker software provider, focuses on developing utility programs to create Flash page flip e-publication from multiple types of digital document formats. Last week, Flip Creator company announced a new round of software upgrade and had released some new upgraded version of software, the first released software including Flip Creator for PDF 3.7.1 version and Flip Creator Pro for PDF 1.7.1 version, both of them are wonderful PDF to flip book conversion tools.


Based on feedback of customers and consideration of bringing more convenience, Flip Creator reprogram the products to improve them so as to develop more powerful flip book software. Compared with the last version of Flip Creator software, the latest version of software possess some new features and functionalities. Let’s go ahead to learn what is new in the latest software.


New Features and Functions on Flip Creator for PDF 3.7.1 and Flip Creator Pro for PDF 1.7.1

Add project panel to easy open and save project.

Add options for “Mouse Wheel to Turn Page”.

Modify single page type in Float, Spread, Classical templates.

Change tutorial demo.

More beautiful primary screen.

More humanization settings.


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