Four Types of Templates for Flip Creator Software to Design Flip Book

Flip Creator software is written to provide a ideal solution for documents in multiple formats to flip book conversion. However as going said, If you have no hand you can't make a fist. To design a wonderful need not only software itself, but also beautiful templates.


Therefore Flip Creator software provides four types of templates for user to quickly design elegant flip book from different types of documents. The template types including Classical, Float, Neat, and Spread. They are pre-developed in different styles so that user can select one according to personal preference. And this time I will tell you what is the difference between those four types of templates.



Template in classical style help you to design a concise flip book with simple decoration. There only your flip book with background and toolbar with custom button.

flip book template



Float template is most flexible compared with other types. There are more custom options selectable to design flip book, and it apply to two layers of background to display flip book.



Extremely suitable to create business digital publications, because it allow user to custom flip book logo. And its intuitive style do help to push the book content to viewer.



If you like you flip book with various buttons in different functionalities, you should choose spread template, which offers most custom buttons and options to design flip book.


After learning four template types, are you interested in Flip book designing now? Go ahead to design your own flip book .







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