Convenient Way to Share Your Flip Book Online

Posted Sept 17th, 2012 

Modern people all the time are sharing with others, but something different from the previous, now people share more multimedia content such as video, images, text, music, etc. Especially in today's high-speed development of social network, sharing behavior even becomes people's living habits. Every day people will have new ideas, surprising discoveries, and want to share with their friends, family and even strangers. In pursuit of high efficiency, people prefer a quick and efficient way to share. And today I'd like to recommend a more convenient method of sharing your Flash page flipping book.


A few days ago Flip Creator respectively upgraded Flip Creator for PDF and Flip Creator Pro for PDF to 3.8.1 version and 1.8.1 version. The upgrade not only fixes some bug before, but add some new features. One of the biggest feature improvements is that software increases the online flip book management module. With this new added feature, users can upload produced flipbooks to free online storage space provided by Flip Creator, then through the online management capabilities of the software, users can easily copy the network address of flip book, and then through such as social networking or instant messaging software to share with everybody.

convenient way to share flipbook online


Previously if you do not own personal website, you might need to use some free web space like Dropbox to upload your flip book to the network for social share. Although this method is feasible, but, after all, is not very convenient. Fortunately, in this upgrade Flip Creator provides free web space for each user to store their generated Flash flipbooks, and users can directly manage their book via software, this is absolutely awesome and brings users a lot of convenience.


In fact, it is very simple to use online storage and management capabilities of the Flip Creator software to share your online flip books, you just need to do the following points.


1. Sign up for a free account by Flip Creator software;

2. Upload your book to your free web space;

3. Copy the network address book and share with others.






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